We are one of the highly rated carpet and upholstery cleaning service units in New York and we cater the needs of hundreds of clients across the nearby areas of upper eastern side of Manhattan. Our professional ways of doing things have earned us an extremely enviable position among the group of the contemporary New York carpet cleaning service units.

We have got a separate upholstery cleaning division and with our own innovative cleaning ways we make your old looking upholsteries elegant and shining; the imparted new look of the upholsteries will make your furniture highly pleasing to the eyes, even though they may be old ones; this is indeed a winning part for our carpet cleaning service unit. Whatever be the fabric used for the upholstery, we have got remedies for all of your upholstery problems! Our highly experienced staff will be able to gauge the quality of the fabric used and the cleaning treatment is given accordingly.

It’s quite natural that your living room furniture will look shabby and haggard, because of continuous usage; make use of our special upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service for converting them once again to something really special! We guarantee a completely new and appealing appearance to all of your upholsteries, because we pay particular attention to each one of your upholsteries individually and do the desired cleaning works fittingly. Special focus is maintained for removing all the accumulated dust, dirt, foreign particles, body sweat, oil and other stains from all kinds and categories of materials; even leather upholsteries are also cleaned very effectively by us.

We have developed our own special methods of carpet and upholstery cleaning and in all these cases we make sure that the end result is extremely rewarding. Addiction to perfection is our distinctive attribute and this trait makes us quite different from our contemporary competitors. Some special types of upholstery cleaning methods are our specialty; the list of such extremely significant schemes include Spot & Stain Elimination method, Dry Cleaning method, Steam Cleaning, Pet stain & smell cleaning, Shampoo based cleaning, Unique allergy check cleaning, Scotchguard method and Minute Fungi removal method. One of the enticing features of our upholstery cleaning schemes is that we do it individually and by taking into consideration the texture of the textile used. This makes our upholstery cleaning service truly flawless.

Contact us for your doing carpet and upholstery cleaning works; we guarantee perfection and for sure, your age old furniture will get a face-lift and will start shining once again.

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